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Perris AYSO - Region 544

Fall Season 2023


Registration Opens May 1st

Email our Registrar Susana at [email protected] or Monica [email protected] for any available openings.

All boys and girls, between the ages of 4 and 18, based on their age as of December 31st of the year in which the membership year begins, shall be eligible to register for the program, subject to field availability, volunteer support, AYSO operating regulations, and such rules as may be issued by the regional board. It is the duty of the region to assure that only eligible players are permitted to register and play.

Length of Season and Cancellation of Games:

The season shall be a schedule of at least 8 games determined by number of player registration count and the regional board, and as set forth in the regional calendar attached to the guidelines.
Any cancelled games due to unforeseen circumstances will be reviewed and determined by a committee designated by the Regional Commissioner to determine if reschedules shall occur.

The Fall Season generally runs from August to November for divisions School Yard and 6U-19U. At the end of the season all the teams who have completed both their referee and volunteer points will be invited to participate in our Perris Cup Tournament. 


AYSO Youth Programs

By The Book - The Game Of Soccer

Every child plays no matter the experience.

Soccer is a simple game. It requires a field, a ball, two teams of players and their equipment, and a referee.

Soccer is played by two teams on a field approximately the size of a football field. Smaller fields may be used for younger players.

The game is played in two timed halves of equal length. To advance AYSO's "Everyone Plays" commitment, quarter breaks are made within each half to allow for player substitution. The length of each half is determined by the age of the children playing.

Physical size is not an important factor in becoming a skilled and successful soccer player. Because of the game's pace, every child participates in the action while on the field.

Soccer Skills

The sport involves several basic skills: passing/shooting, dribbling, and controlling (or trapping) the ball.

These skills can be learned at any age, and a good soccer player works continually to improve them.


Passing is kicking, pushing or heading the ball to a teammate or to a space where a teammate can run to the ball. A player may lightly tap the ball to a teammate several feet away or kick it strongly to move it down the field. The ball may scoot along the ground or may be kicked into the air.

Most players use two types of kicks to pass to a teammate or shoot towards the goal. One is the instep drive which is a powerful kick. The other kick is called a push pass. Performed using the inside of the foot, the push pass is much more accurate than the instep drive, but is less powerful.


Dribbling is transporting the ball under control from one area to another. Soccer players cannot use their hands. Players dribble the ball with their feet, using light taps on the ball to move it along the ground.


Controlling (or trapping) is stopping the ball in flight or on the ground, and then controlling it by either dribbling or passing the ball to teammates. There are many ways to trap a ball: (1) allowing it to hit the chest at an angle that deflects the ball to the ground where it can be controlled; (2) allowing it to hit the thigh or bent knee to deflect the ball to the ground where it can be controlled; or (3) using the foot to stop the ball.

Heading - U14/U16/U19

Heading is unique to the game of soccer. When a ball is too high to kick, players "head" the ball to pass to a teammate or score a goal. No heading allowed in divisions U12 and under.

Registrar (Registration Related)
Susana Chairez
[email protected]
Referee Administrator
Ricardo Esparza
[email protected]
Coach Administrator
Juan Chairez
[email protected]
Safety Director
Tiffany Cuenca
[email protected]
Regional Commissioner
Andy Echeverry
[email protected]
 Schoolyard CoordinatorVanesa Guzman
[email protected]
 Child Volunteer Protection AdvocateEvette Herrera
[email protected]

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